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DP episodes

Hi Woopert! Thanks for your work - however: Since Folge is a femininum word in German, it has the adjective die - or you can just leave it out. I altered all DP episode articles with my bot replacing "ist der Folge" with "ist Folge". Just remember this for future articles ^^ Thank you. [Gruß,mewX (TALK)] A 22:09, 15. Nov. 2007 (CET)

hi! is there a sense in outsourcing the episode list from Staffel 11 to Staffel 11 Episodenliste? I think it would work with only one page, too. [Gruß,mewX (TALK)] A 19:43, 8. Mär. 2008 (CET)

The episode list is actually included on two other list pages--DP Episodenliste and the main Anime Episodenliste--in addition to the page for Season 11. I decided to break the episode list off into a separate page so that when the season's article is expanded with additional information (like with Staffel 1) the file size would be kept under control, and users would be able to click the edit link from the appropriate section in the main list page and go straight to the episode list they want to edit. That is, they wouldn't see an edit box with just {{:Staffel 11}} or be directed to the wrong section of that season's article.Woopert 03:20, 10. Mär. 2008 (CET)